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The Wake Up Call to the Shepherds

I can hear the voice of hope from the mighty one of Israel, its sounding like a great trumpet from above in the heavens; in the heaven of heavens; I will supply to all your needs saith the Lord; none of you shall lack meat. You will fill your belly to capacity yet shall ye merry in the Lord.

Dear fathers and brethren, I greet you all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

I am so glad in my spirit because God’s burden is small, it’s simple to carry, it’s without strings attached, it’s only spiritually discerned not even concerned with the sorrows and the affliction of the flesh. The nourishment of the inner man benefits the outward person of the body in such a way that all the body and its cares become subject to the spirit, even unto the spirit of God which is at work in us all.

I looked and woe, I watched the desperation of God’s children; it was a vision, in fact I was in my consciousness; I saw the souls of my brethrens staggering in streets and in valleys looking for water and comfort, they never rested day and night being pierced through with many sorrows. They were like sheep without shepherd, they only wanted someone to encourage them saying ‘’God loves you’’. As I watched thereunto approached a certain shepherd, ye; he was dressed like a shepherd, he grabbed them and threw some of them into prison; into deep dungeons, my spirit was rent; so zealous to save them out of the hands of that imposter. Then one that looked like a Divine being approached and asked me; young man, ‘'what were you waiting for to save them, isn’t too late for you’’? No sir, I replied; I was alone and I had no ability to save them without help; well he replied; ‘’How many are you now and what has been added unto you as you watched the captivity of my children’’?, I bowed down my face to the ground and said; my Lord, am so sorry please forgive me, I will do it since you are with me, even so amen.

The lord is strong in all his works, so mighty that his hand is not shortened except the evil motives of men that limit the works of God. He sees the suffering of his people and He has sent you to heal them, you must do that because He is with you; how many are on your side?, No sir, the Lord God of Israel is with you, take heart and do His will, surely He shall progress you, even so amen.

I had a meeting with myself, even a great conference in my heart, the great Judge sat on his Throne and the Spirit of God was here, I said to my soul; who are you? he replied, I can’t live without you! Then the body said, I am your servant though at times my afflictions enslave you; then which is which? The great sword replied; the great Judge, the Word of the Lord, He said; You are a spirit, but you love so much the pleasure of your servant the body, you like so much to nourish it, that’s why now it’s your master: Alas; No no no sir, how can I get out of this critical condition? the Spirit of God said, ‘’Repent of all your wickedness, you will be free. Don’t you understand what the judge said; whosoever He sets free is free indeed. For the kingdom of God is drawing nigh, look at your clock, we are clocking to midnight; therefore repent or perish’’, but Lord; how shall I be justified of all these mistakes that I have committed before you and before my brethren? ‘’The just shall live by faith, you will become a new creation in the Lord, the old sinfulself shall be forgotten and you will be able to serve me’’.

Dear brothers and sisters, we are living in a very terrible hour, let’s rise for the sake of the gospel in the power of the holy spirit, I have submitted my heart to the will of God all the days of my life with all that is within me. The gift is bestowed unto us for the edification of the body of Christ which is already perishing because we are quiet; shall the money and the prosperity we are waiting for do the will of God? No sir, it’s the spirit of God in you to both will and do according to the measure of faith given unto you. But am an apostle; I will wait for the prophet and the pastor to come so that we can partner together in the ministry; it’s alright: did you determine to be short with a black face? No sir, shall the mouth wait for the foot to dress shoes before it eats the food before it? No sir; then who are you to despise the days of a small beginning? The Lord that called you is faithful to fulfill his will in you, God’s work is in simplicity. Simply don’t complicate life and things, be humble and gentle, then do what you are meant to do because it has been made known to you by the Spirit.

I can hear the voice of hope from the mighty one of Israel, its sounding like a great trumpet from above in the heavens; in the heaven of heavens; I will supply to all your needs saith the Lord; none of you shall lack meat. You will fill your belly to capacity yet shall ye merry in the Lord. Ye shall stand for my people the poor, I have enlarged your territories; who among you is despised? Even him will I glorify, lift him up in his time.

Once the beauty of my glory; how it was no more in the earth violated by the inhabitants thereof; now is the time that the earth be shaken, the mysteries of the Most High God be revealed unto this hardhearted God rejected generation. I will pass my judgments saith the Lord and my children shall inherit the earth. Hearken all ye God’s servants; all ye seed of Abraham; rejoice like a young mule, the glory of God shineth upon the earth like a lightening from east to the west, every eye shall see it. Happy and blessed are they who keep their robes without stain and spots.

Behold I am coming quickly as a thief in the night with my reward in my hands, even so come Lord Jesus. AMEN.

May the grace of God upon you all.

Yours Brother

Lawrence Mugumbya

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