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What is Christian Ministry?

Every Ministry is identified with its (1) Vision, (2) Mission, (3) Mandate, and (4) Objectives. No ministry can stand without these or if a ministry deviates from its mission and Vision, then it will certainly fall. The vision and the mission help the ministry to keep the focus and to maintain the direction. A ministry is a brainchild of only one individual with the Vision who sets the pace on which the ministry should move and decides which service is to be delivered. The Visionary or the Ministry vision bearer or founder will then choose or appoint the different ministries and departments within his/her ministry that he thinks shall contribute to the ministry's development, sustainability, and quality service delivery.

Ministry is all about Service. In otherwards, all ministries are meant for service delivery. In every country, different ministries are established in order to meet the demands of the citizens, nourishing and supporting the growth of the country. All the different ministries play different roles in the country but all focus on the well-being of the citizens. Each ministry has got different internal ministries or departments that contribute to the actualization of the main Vision and mission of the Ministry.

Every Ministry is identified with its (1) Vision, (2) Mission, (3) Mandate, and (4) Objectives. No ministry can stand without these or if a ministry deviates from its mission and Vision, then it will certainly fall. The vision and the mission help the ministry to keep the focus and to maintain the direction.

A people without a vision perish, so is the Ministry or Minister without a Vision. (Proverbs 29:18)

A ministry is a brainchild of only one individual with the Vision who sets the pace on which the ministry should move and decides which service is to be delivered. The Visionary or the Ministry vision bearer or founder will then choose or appoint the different ministries and departments within his/her ministry that he thinks shall contribute to the ministry's development, sustainability, and quality service delivery.

In the House of God, the Bible says in Hebrews 3:4 that "For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God." God has founded and established His house (Church) already and He has Chosen and appointed labourers in it for the perfection and excellence of the ministry. Nevertheless, God Himself being the Chief of His work (Ministry) operates not without a vision, a mission, a mandate and objectives.

The Vision of God is to establish His Kingdom and Rule in the whole world (Revelation 11:15).

The mission of God is to save mankind from our sinful nature through the sacrificial death of our Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19-20).

The mandate of God's ministry is Love (Matthew 22:37-39)

The objectives of God's ministry written from Genesis to Revelation are all steered at producing the Fruit of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer (Joshua 1:8).

God has set in his Church Ministers with Ministries (Visions) to establish it and facilitate its well-being. The Ministry and Church of God is Founded upon Prophets and Apostles (Ephesians 2:20)

God has exalted these two foundational gifts above all other Ministry gifts. God uses these two ministries to be Visionaries. It's upon them that the Vision, Mission, Mandate, and Objectives of God's ministry are laid and are given a deeper understanding of all things beyond all men in the house of God. These two carry the Pioneering Anointing.

We literally translate the words Prophet and Apostle as Messengers. A prophet is one that receives divinely inspired revelations or visions and coveys them to the people of God, whileas an Apostle is a Sent One, a messenger with the Word from the Lord God.

In the Old times God established His Church through the Prophets whom He gave His word for the people. All people had to wait upon the Lord and wait for what He had to say through His prophet. Whatever the prophet had to say to the people was absolutely final without any human reasoning and was executed without hesitation because it was THUS SAITH THE LORD.

We can see that God appointed different prophets in different times and places and gave them different Messages or Word to accomplish His mission and will. It was upon God whether the ministry of the prophet was to continue or was to die with Him, but the House of God remains forever.

God appointed Moses and gave him the Message of Salvation and Deliverance for the Children of Israel. After the death of Moses, God appointed Joshua with the same message of Salvation and Deliverance. But after the death of Joshua the ministry that Moses had begun was already fulfilled and it stopped with Joshua. Then after God appointed Judges and Elders to shepherd the children of Israel in the doctrine of Moses to establish and maintain the laws and fear of God in their hearts.

Then afterwards God appointed Samuel the prophet with a different Message. Elijah came with a different Message of Righteousness, Jeremiah's message was centered at Israel's captivity into Babylon, and whileas Isaiah's message was centered at the Promised Israel's Messiah.

Ezekiel's Doctrine was Restoration of Israel; Nehemiah's message was the Rebuilding of the temple and the broken walls of Jerusalem. Haggai and Zachariah were overseers at the Second temple construction giving encouragement to the builders. Malachi at last had the doctrine of restoring the forsaken second temple, reinstating back the ministry of the priests and Levites in the sanctuary.

Each Visionary or Pioneering Minister had a message for the people in His time, but his ministry longevity was solely dependent on God as so long as the Minister (prophet) remained faithful in His calling. Ministry is envisioned in the heart of the Minister by God. In otherwards I can conclude and say that Ministry is a Person; or is the Spirit of God in a person with a Specific Vital Task to fulfill in the church (House) of God.

It's upon the Minister to set the administration of his ministry as directed by God. He has the mandate to set the ministry orders, Ministry Vision, Mission, and objectives. He is responsible to appoint Elders and deacons and all ministers in the house of God as directed by the Holy Spirit and they all remain accountable unto Him and unto God as so long as he remains in his calling in all righteousness (Acts 6:1-6).

In the New Testament, God has appointed Apostle as Visionaries or Pioneers for His Church and these have already laid the Vision, Mission, Mandate and Objectives for the Church as the Lord Jesus Christ commanded them. All these were recorded in the scriptures for our reference and therefore there can rise no other church ministry with a different vision or doctrine which is not recorded in the Bible; but if there be one, then it's occultic and comes from the evil one (1Corinthians 3:10-15).

However, just as in the Old Testament the prophets had different doctrines, so it is in the New Testament. The message of Peter was Salvation for the Jews but the message of Paul was Salvation for the Gentiles yet all serving the same vision, mission, mandate, and Objectives, but ministering differently.

This is the same thing today; every messenger when he is called by God, must understand what Calling he/she has been called to. Failure to understand is the beginning of confusion and impersonation. Imagine Apostle Peter preaching to the Gentiles, won't he be puffed up with hypocrisy? (Galatians 2:12-14). There required a Paul to direct the Gentiles of how they had to behave in Christ but Peter though filled with the Holy Spirit had nothing to do with the Gentile ministry.

We need to know and understand our callings and keep our lines of duty and limits. If one was not graced in a certain ministry, it doesn't mean that that ministry or minister is false. We just need to keep our bounds and serve God faithfully (1Corinthians 7:20-24)

One can be called to preach the message of Faith, or deliverance, or Salvation, or Endtime, or Worship, etc.; if you are called to minister in a certain message; master your ministry and keep truck and be focused lest you be beguiled when you were called to be a teacher of God's word, and then you are driven to love becoming like the minister of Healing. Some have consulted mediums and familiar Spirits in order to get the power of healing and prophesy. Dear child of God, be contented with your ministry. You are not here to make a name for yourself and then loose your soul; but you were sent by God to serve and minister in His Church (House) for His own glory (Romans 12:6-8).

The desire to be what you are not and what you are not meant to be breeds Strife, and competition among ministers and Competition breeds Impersonation and all impersonators seek vain self-glory and are ignorantly proud servants of the devil walking in disobedience against God's will for their lives.

God has never called nor sent any Organization or religious denomination to carry out His mission on Earth. All organizations and religious denominations are a result of self-willed, backslidden and fallen religious men mostly breeded or hybrids from Theological Seminaries.

Pharisees and Sadducees were some of the first backslidden sects of the Judaism religion. The first major Christian religious denomination was the Roman Catholic Church which was organized and centered at the POPE, a self-proclaimed god in the early church times.

The Catholic Church is an organization with manmade creeds, beliefs, dogmas and traditions. God doesn't dwell in such occultic organizations. God is in His word and generation after generation He sends his ministers to make known His will on Earth to the churches of God. God's message is always directed to the Minister but not the Organization or church name.

Revelation 2:1

[1] Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write; These things saith he that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks;

God addresses His message through His messengers (Prophets or Apostles) and then the messenger gives it to the people and sets and appoints the administrations in the church of God as directed by the Holy Spirit. These two principal ministries (Ephesians 2:20) in the church of God are responsible for appointing the administration of the Church, i.e.; the elders, deacons, trustees, etc.

Once the local Church is established through the message of the messenger, he is responsible for appointing the Overseer (Bishop) or Pastor of the Church. As the church travaileth in growth, other ministry gifts shall be identified one after another and it's the responsibility of the Church overseer (Pastor) to nature and install all these self-evident gifts in the congregation after a proven level of maturity.

It's the Responsibility of the Evangelist to keep fishing new converts into the local Church.

It's the work of the Teacher to teach and mature the believers into disciples of Jesus Christ by setting different discipleship classes for each level of maturity of the believers (Hebrews 5:12-14).

Local Church Leadership Structure

There are different departmental ministries within the local church serving different purposes yet fulfilling the same Vision, mission, and mandate and these include:-

  • The Children's Ministry

  • The Youth's Ministry

  • The Women's Ministry

  • The Men's Ministry

  • The Elderly Ministry

  • Evangelism and Discipleship.

  • Ushering and Helps Ministry

  • Praise and Worship Ministry, Etc.

In the administration department, we have some of the following ministries in the church of God:-

  • The Church Elders

  • The Deacons committee

  • The Treasury, Etc.

(1Corinthians 12:4-7, 27-31, Romans 12:4-8, Ephesians 4:7-13, 1Timothy 3:1-13)

Now every ministry department and all ministry gifts of the Holy Spirit must operate within the bounds of the Local Church. There is no such a thing as a local church carrying out only Healing ministry. That would be a lame church if it gives no room for other ministries. All ministry gifts are essential for the believers in the Local Church. All these ministries within the church must be given the chance and time to minister and serve in an orderly manner for the edification of the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 14:26).

Ideological Ministries

Ideological ministries or churches are man-owned businesses and organizations that were self-sent; these are just practicing their careers after graduation in Theological seminaries, and some were sent by the devil himself. Those are ministries that have self-centered leaders focused on their well-being. Their doctrine is focused on earthly prosperity and riches and prominence in the world; they want to become the best in every field, they raise the best politicians, best fashion models, best media presenters, best motivational speakers, own biggest church auditoriums, best technology, best healers, best prophets, best writers and best sellers of all things they do. They self-proclaim themselves as Major Prophets, generals, spiritual fathers, and most eminents.

These seek to take advantage of their congregations and exploit them in many ways. They set protocols over themselves so that not everyone can meet them and by the way; without money you can't meet them; appointment for meeting them is payable, miracles and prophesy are not such free services of them, their knowledge is not given out freely; you have got to pay in order to attend their conferences, crusades, and seminars.

Thy sell Healing Portions like enchantment perfumes, customized anointing oils, holy water, and pieces of clothes for healing purposes.

Visionary Ministries

A Visionary Ministry and Church is one ministered and planted by a God sent Messenger focused on God, based on the Bible teachings, Christ-centered and Spirit-led. These seek to fulfill the Vision, Mission, Mandate and objectives of God. They serve the will of God in truth and Spirit with all Love, obedience and humility, willing to learn and be corrected.

Always prayerful and relying on God. They are soldiers of the Cross, fierce and fearless of any powers on earth, under the earth and in heavens except the Power of God. They march triumphantly through the burning arrows of the enemy and nothing can harm them. They stand for the Truth and defend truth unto the point of death. These are the True and Faithful witnesses (Revelation 12:11, 11:3). The visionaries are they that profess proudly Romans 8:37-39.

Romans 8:37-39

Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. 38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, 39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

May the good Lord Jesus Christ bless you so much brethrens as we continue to share the word of Truth for edification purposes.


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