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Proverbs and wise sayings quoted from the mouth of Brother Lawrence the servant of the Lord Jesus Christ

  1. Wisdom is not only proved by speech but also by action

  2. Deeper I take you that you may know the depth of all things

  3. Lead me high, I lead you low; After all I will lead all this generation to the mountain greater than me

  4. Do a favour to see your favourite

  5. Make a difference to see a difference

  6. Death is near but resurrection seems to be a dream so try to make your dream a reality

  7. God judges the heart and tests the mind but man judges the outer appearance

  8. Let he that is wise teach the fools

  9. What you pass through can suggest your future life

  10. True and wise counseling is got from the godly but the wicked give destructive counseling

  11. The inward belief makes the outward appearance

  12. What you speak proves who you are, I would rather keep quite than speaking nonsense

  13. Teach your children manners when they are still young before they come to the youthful age

  14. Submission creates friends but vengeance creates enmity

  15. A man with a word can save or destroy the city but men with words cause commotion and confusion in the city

  16. Guilty causes bondage and bondage causes death

  17. Admiration enriches the wise and Godly but it stumbles the fools

  18. Ants without a king are more than the wicked

  19. A state without a king is more than a nation with a wicked and a confused king

  20. One’s secret life makes the public life

  21. Sharing is the best friend but laughter is an enemy

  22. Association creates a peace of mind but isolation causes bondage

  23. Being Godly is being honored and respected, if you claim to be Godly and not respected then you are a hypocrite and a pretender

  24. Pretence is the worst killer but truth and reality gives life

  25. If you are Godly, then you are a god but if you are devilish then you are a devil

  26. Sin calls for repentance as well as death calls for resurrection

  27. Sin means death whileas righteousness means life

  28. You’re either a god or a devil, a blessing or a curse, living or dead

  29. Giving means earning, if you don’t give, you won’t receive

  30. The wise are rich but the fools are poor

  31. A leader with wisdom enriches the city and saves his country but a foolish leader destroys the whole nation

  32. If love is God then hatred is the devil

  33. If eyes could be satisfied then man could be satisfied

  34. If man had no eyes, then he would not be tempted to sin

  35. A strong nation deserves a powerful man, so a beautiful woman deserves a handsome man

  36. The sun is for a day and the moon is for the night so man’s plans should be perfect

  37. Out of sight does not mean out of mind so the believers worship their lord Jesus Christ

  38. A purpose driven life is a self controlled life

  39. A car without breaks causes accidents, so a tongue that is not controlled sins a lot then causing death

  40. Help to be helped and do right to be righteous

  41. A shepherd is greater than a leader without authority

  42. The wise and the godly speak with authority but the fools speak with fear

  43. Admiration brings worship, so the Godly admire their God and worship him

  44. The world is filled with beautiful women but to choose one of your likeness is difficult

  45. Favour is bought from God, to get it pray, but the fools think that speaking evil about others brings favour, that’s why they stumble.

  46. A submissive mind grows stronger but an argumentative mind grows weaker and then wicked

  47. Accept defeat to be corrected, if you don’t you’re digging your own grave

  48. One word from a wise and a Godly person is more powerful than a thousand words from the wicked

  49. Do not waste your chances that you may not regret when time is out

  50. Riches without God pains more than a sting of a worsip

  51. In the ways of I don’t care, one reached in the cities of had I known

  52. If man could read and judge the mind and heart, then the judgment of God could be useless

  53. Frustrations is due to ones attitude towards something

  54. Today is better than tomorrow however tomorrow is better than yesterday

  55. Beautiful girls are like green banana leaves but unfortunately they fade with time

  56. Charity gives but justice changes

  57. If you risk nothing, you become nothing

  58. It is risky not to risk

  59. Wealth is hidden from them that must do it

  60. The richest people in the world look for and build network

  61. In times of change, only learners inherit the earth

  62. You must do something you have never done to have something you never had

  63. Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity

  64. You can never value a minute until when you miss a flight

  65. You can resist an army but not an idea whose time has come

  66. If you do not build your dreams, then other people will hire you to build theirs

  67. Do not be pushed by your dreams but be led by your dreams

  68. Sorrows are for a time, wealth is for a time and righteousness for a second

  69. Yesterday may give you worries but let the future give you hope

  70. When you think of the past, praise the lord, when you see the present praise the lord, when you imagine of the future praise the lord

  71. Past is past and can never come back, however let the past teach you what is to come

  72. God’s word is perfect and it cannot be compromised with, when He says YES, Amen, when He says No, Amen

  73. Do the hard jobs first, the easy ones will take care of themselves

  74. The best way out is always through

  75. There is no education like adversity

  76. In calm water every ship has a good captain

  77. All great and honorable actions are a accompanied with great difficulties

  78. You must do something today that others will not do so that you can have things tomorrow that others will not have

  79. Great men rejoice in adversity, Just as brave soldiers triumph in war

  80. God cannot give me any thing I cannot handle

  81. The reality is that l need to be challenged and interested, as so long as the risk and reward is in line

  82. You do not become enormously successful without encountering and overcoming a number of extremely challenging problems

  83. Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhalation of victory

  84. Sometimes the best helping hand you can get is a good and firm push

  85. Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm

  86. When you confront a problem, you begin to solve itA happy life consists not in the absence, but in the mastery of hardships

  87. A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials

  88. If your boss is a sadist, then you have a big problem, in that case fire your boss and get a new job

  89. A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough

  90. To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love

  91. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind

  92. A doubtful friend is worse than a certain enemy

  93. The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend

  94. He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves

  95. It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy

  96. When reward is at its pinnacle, risk is near at hand

  97. If we do not discipline ourselves, the world will do it for us

  98. Mountain tops inspire them but valleys mature them

  99. Rule your mind or it will rule you


  1. You make the world a better place by making yourself a better person

  2. We are what we repeatedly do

  3. The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making happen

  4. Fortune favours the brave

  5. Leaders must learn to discipline their disappointments

  6. Let him that would move the world first move himself

  7. The path to success is to take massive, determined actions

  8. Difficulties mastered are opportunities won

  9. Impossibilities and possibilities lie in a person’s determination

  10. Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow

  11. Do not compromise yourself; be absolutely clear about who you are and what you stand for.

  12. When the sun is shining, I can do anything, no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome

  13. Opportunities differ, some are destined to succeed and some are destined to success

  14. The determination to win is the best part of winning

  15. Every wrong attempt discarded is often a step forward

  16. Determination is the wake up call to the human will

  17. Keep on sowing your seeds, for you do not know which will grow , perhaps all will

  18. If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably does not lead any where

  19. Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made

  20. It does not matter whether a cat is black or white, so long as it catches the mice

  21. Losers make promises they often break but winners make communications they always keep

  22. When the lion roars all the animals and the birds in the jungle hide themselves, even the leopard enters its cave

  23. The peak of the mountain is at its top, no man has ever reached the peak of mountain Rwenzori

  24. Let it rain or not, when a righteous man is come, all the wicked look for shades to hide themselves

  25. Live or die but He who is greater than all fears died and resurrected

  26. God is God and man is man, that’s why He is above all things in heaven

  27. Devil has always been subtle and crafty from the beginning till now and only he leads the blind hearted

  28. Astounding mind is a brain child of the wicked, but a sounding mind is only from the godly

  29. A heart of the wicked is rotten and fatal but that of a righteous man is brightened by the word of God

  30. Foolish people are foolish because it’s the attribute of their father the devil

  31. A good politician is tantamounted by his wise speech and manifesto

  32. If you do not want to change, then change will change you

  33. Speak less when a mighty worrier is your opponent

  34. The departure of a mighty man leaves many in pain and anguish, but foolish and wicked man disappears like a shadow which leaves no trace.

  35. Great and righteous men are never forgotten because of their great acts that keep in the memory of many

  36. Deeper I take you that you may know the depth of all things

  37. When one mighty worrier stands, a centurion of a thousand wicked men flees in fear

  38. A mighty worrier matches triumphantly through the burning arrows of a wicked army

  39. Greatness is determined by speech, a mighty leader speaks with integrity and confidence

  40. Devil’s accusations do not make him victorious, for God in heaven and his name is true and faithful

  41.  An arrow in a mighty worriers hand can defeat all the army of his enemy

  42. The elephant is big and an atom is very small, though you are as big as an elephant I will reduce you to the size of an atom

  43. There is non that is big , non that is small, non that is tall, God is sat above all things

  44. True judgment is just a matter of time; time will always give the best answer

  45. Stupid people are only them that speak beyond God’s word, indeed they are foolish

  46. Lead me high, I lead you low; After all I will lead all this generation to the mountain greater than me

  47. I am a small and young boy, but only words of wisdom rise me to the upper platform

  48. No man is an island, all flesh depend on God almighty

  49. Wisdom is a ministration of the spirit, to get it call upon the holy spirit of God

  50. Wisdom is self defense, authority is self manifestation, therefore prove it by not blackmailing and backbiting others

  51. Backbiting is an attribute of the wicked failures, but to the righteous, it gives him a go a head

  52. At the roar of a leviathan in the sea, all the fish in it hide deep in the mud

  53. Great and mighty people are so because God is their strength

  54. The battle against God is a losing battle evidenced by devil and its beast at Armageddon

  55. Nothing is hidden that will not be put to the public, Gog and maggog are two lost cities and will show up at the time of their destruction

  56. You are free to slaughter a bull at any time but consider its blood

  57. False accusation is attributed to the sons of perdition

  58. Them that crucified him will see him appear in his glory on the clouds with his angels and they will mightly lament

  59. An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped

  60. It is a must to betray the son of man, but sorry to him that betrays him, it would be better that, that someone was not born

  61. Hardships and difficulties have natured me, that I may appear a victor after my perseverant persistence

  62. When a mighty man is offended, he runs to the mountains and cries a loud to the mightier one for support

  63. When a great and wise leader is stripped abruptly from power, he runs to the freedom square in the desert pleading for his rights preparing for a coupe d’être

  64. Hide and seek is a good game for only the children, but I prefer a diplomatic dictatorial governance

  65. A tower cannot be built in one day but it can easily be destroyed in a second

  66. A mighty army is not brought up in a single day, but it can be demolished to nothing in a minute by touching its point of weakness

  67. Plead for mercy when there is still time, and always remember that vengeance comes immediately

  68. A grave full of rotten dead bodies is more useful and righteous than the mind of the fool

  69. All what the fool tries to do crumble and stumbles his wicked mind

  70. I cannot fear any mountain and hill top even its highest peak, because it can melt only by the touch of the most high God

  71.  I will never stop speaking about truth till when my voice is won out and until when righteousness flow in the hearts of men like a mighty river

  72. This is not the time to give up till when freedom and justice prevail escorted by righteousness

  73. Casting lots is a game only for the fools; work hard for a righteous man’s toss

  74. Only a fool and wicked mind will say Amen to the act of sin

  75. He that predicts what tomorrow will come with must be a careful discerner with the help of God’ spirit

  76. It is not profitable for a man to boast in his own strength, for our strength come from God

  77. He that is true has got truth and can be trusted; however there is no greater truth than the living word of God Jesus Christ

  78. Do not drink and drive, its your fate if you die for the cause of an accident

  79. Meditation upon God’s word is the true wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit

  80. Great activists can leave the world but their legacy last for long

  81. You can speak all the evil about the leviathan when its away, but when its come, shut up in silence and tremble in fear

  82. Both the elephant and the smallest insect shiver in fear at the presence of a mighty and righteous man

  83. You may have always stopped a fast moving train, Dare not stop a moving leviathan

  84. The weaver birds always shout and the dogs bark, but they do that at the absence of the lion

  85. Why do you pave your way to hell by speaking evil against the most high God

  86. The dog cannot bark during day time, because the sun shines in every corner

  87. Laughters are for a time and pain for a time, not all people should laugh at ago, now let others cry deeply

  88. When I kept quiet, you thought that we were equal and you have gained victory over me, the truth is am like a lion or a leviathan, now you must suffer the consequences

  89. Though its much pain, I will not give up, cause the promised land is just a few steps ahead

  90. I thank my enemy for the evil he has brought to me, for they taught me to trust in the lord for his salvation

  91. This cross is very heavy, but I must travail with it up to Golgotha

  92. What cannot kill me, cannot change me, I live for God’s glory only

  93. My dear remember the day I chose you, you were nothing, poor, wretched and blind, now stop bragging about and quiet your pride

  94. No weary, go on and hunt my life down but remember, your name is Haman and I am Mordecai

  95. A newly born baby cannot speak a perfect language and an aged man cannot run after a mule

  96. It is impossible for a baby to chew meat and the bones of the meat are for dogs

  97. A foolish man lives in another man’s shadow but wise people are real to themselves

  98. Perfect people are always direct to their likes and perpendicular to their dislikes

  99. Since a day has its dawn, morning, after noon, evening and night, so man should plan and propose all what he is to do before doing it

  100. If you hide in another man’s shadow, then you will leave no legacy when you die, it’s like chasing wind

  101. Do not stand in the shadow of another man because his bending will stumble you with the effect of the scorching sun

  102. Victory is at the beginning of the game; all focused and confident players receive the victory

  103. Carry not all your eggs in one basket but think triply and much at once for the realization of great victories

  104. Use your eyes to see, but open them at a wider and sharper vigilant angle

  105. Beautiful lady, you say you love me, well l fear to die so do not cling to me

  106. Verily, verily, verily wisdom calls for understanding

  107. Return not to the food of yesterday for it is the food for the maggots

  108. Man lives today and must die tomorrow, what if you die today what present do you have  

  109. Self-motivated people are the ones that can motivate and inspire others

  110. We are strengthened by the strength of the strong people

  111. Love beyond benefits

  112. It’s the bitterness in you not your enemy

  113. Selfish people die poor

  114. Fate can be changed

  115. Be consensual and comprehensive

  116. Compromise is a deadly risk

  117. Don’t neglect the small things

  118. Understand individual’s personalities

  119. Order and respect at the fore front

  120. Be polite and professional

  121. Be natural and positive

  122. Only speak for a reason

  123. Contentment begins with the peace of the mind

  124. Those things happen

  125. Observe protocol

  126. I love you but I hate your negative mentality

  127. The daily laugh and go visitors are poisonous

  128. Do not stand in the train’s path way

  129. Time will give you the best answer

  130. If you’re accused of smelling, simply take a bathe

  131. Switch off all your electrical and radio transmission equipments before you sleep

  132. Commemorate and bless all the people that built your levels

  133. The position of the sun each minute tells why people easily change

  134. Bitter people never stop complaining

  135. Eat pure natural fruits instead of meat

  136. Yesterday is a good plane mirror

  137. Only poor people move naked

  138. There is no safe place on earth, everything is risking

  139. Will sounds like will, but they are different

  140. Meditation is mental and spiritual health

  141. True love is a commitment

  142. Keep on moving just a few steps ahead

  143. Evil money is death

  144. Adultery cannot be hidden

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