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Fellowship with the Holy Angels

Angels are supernatural beings full of Love and compassion for humanity and for all God’s creations, God created them and placed them in high places to watch over all His creations and to conduct them with an everlasting decree which cannot be revoked. They are the first fruits of all God’s creations, and they shouted for joy and glorified Him for all His marvelous and wonderful works in the day God created the heavens and the earth and the inhabitants thereof (Job 38:7).

In the days of old when the earth was still virgin, Angels were always in fellowship with men, it is written that Enoch the Prophet had his dwelling with the Angels in the extremities of the earth (Enoch103:6). Also in the days of Abraham, Angels were always in fellowship with him, they ate the food of humans that the early saints prepared for them, they took a walk together with men for a good long, they spent nights with men like Lot under his roof, Angels many times fought battles on behalf of the children of Israel (Joshua5:13-15)

The prophets too received the word of God through visions and visitations and encounters with Angels. Moses the servant of the Lord received his commission by the hand of the Angel of the Lord who appeared to him in a burning bush (Exodus 3:3). Elijah the Prophet ate the food of the Angels for several days during the time of the drought which he had proclaimed upon the land of Israel in the days of King Ahab (1 Kings 17:5, 1 Kings 19:5-8).

God created Angels according to the number of the stars in heaven, each star represents an angel or a servant of the Lord God Almighty; in the same manor God created man according to the number of the stars of Heaven, each person is represented by a star, some stars are bright and others have a dim light, all for the glory of the Lord the creator of the universe. Each human being has got a guardian Angel (Star) assigned to him by the Lord. Man was created so insufficient and put in this evil world full of chaos; therefore God has placed for each man an angel to uphold him and minister for him in times of need.

This should be noted also that Angels are righteous and so cautious to the appearance of sin, they cannot stand to help a man in sin, they are only decreed to support and strengthen the righteous of the land. We can only activate our guardian Angels back on their duties and have fellowship with them if we turn away from our wicked ways and pray for the grace of repentance and walk in the commandments and keep the laws of God.

Angels only respond to the word and commandment of God and on that note; a man outside Christ Jesus is so vulnerable; Angels minister to saints only in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. They are duty-bound in the word of God. We can summon them at any time in the name of the Lord but without, they cannot respond.

The Lord Jesus said that; the Angels of the Little children are always in the presence of God beholding His face (Matthew 18:10) reason being that babies are without sin, we can all witness the grace upon them, how they live a perfect life, full of love, joy, happiness, innocent to sin, free and not bound by anything, nothing can harm them, not even a snake or any serpent can bite them, the lions also can’t kill them; because their Guardian Angels are always with them to conduct them in perfect peace. How I pray that we all be like the little children, their language is the language of Angels to whom their conversation is directed, and their fellowship with the Lord is so intense; how I love that; Oh, may God help me to live a sinless life and help me live like a little child before you always in your presence!!! Amen.

The general reason why we don’t actively see and witness the visitation of the Angels in our lives today is because we are living in sin, we live in a sinful world polluted and corrupted with much wickedness than ever before; we have rejected the word of God (Jesus Christ) and hated to keep His commandments thinking that we are wise and smart; that’s why we are greatly troubled in every area of our lives without solution.

The early church Apostles of the Lamb always testified about their guardian Angels who conducted them in the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many times these Angels visited them in times of despair and refreshed them, released them from prison, healed and strengthened them, performed signs and wonders with them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ all for the glory of God the Father.

And when she knew Peter's voice, she opened not the gate for gladness, but ran in, and told how Peter stood before the gate. 15: And they said unto her, Thou art mad. But she constantly affirmed that it was even so. Then said they, It is his angel.

Dear child of God, you were created with a purpose on earth and God called you by name in the day he formed you in your mother’s womb; you may say that, ‘’I am weak and small or vulnerable’’, indeed you are; but the God of Heaven who called you has ordained and decreed an angel to stand and minister for you throughout the days of your life on earth. The question is; Do you know the purpose of your calling? Do you know your worth before God? Have you ever seen or Known your Guardian Angel? Do you need his intervention in your life? Have you ever fellowshipped with Him? Do you have fellowship with God and with the Holy Spirit?

If you make a decision today to live a sin-free life, then the Holy Spirit will come into your heart the moment you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and all the promises of God shall be made manifest in your life one after another. Angels will stand at attention to minister to your needs daily and you will overcome all the forces of darkness roaming around in this evil world.

The angels are more willing to participate in the affairs of your life, to uphold you, to fight for you all the invisible battles, to defend you, to raise you up, to support you, and to endorse you in your plans (Psalms 91:11-13), also to minister for you in the ministry of the gospel (Hebrews 1:14), get out of self-leanness and advance the supernatural and divine forces of Heaven; for with them, victory and success is guaranteed.


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