My Life Changing Testimony by Pastor Author Muwanguzi

I had a dream in 2016; as I slept, I saw a mighty Eagle with strong wings, it did pick me up with its mouth from a certainly green wilderness which seemed to be a wetland, it was so green and fresh with streams of water, it carried me from thence unto the dry land, it looked like a desert and afterwards I heard in my spirit some voice saying that I will later be picked up.

Every individual has encountered our Lord Jesus Christ in different ways, Some through visions, others dreams, others angelic visitations, others a small swift voice and while others it’s just a divine feeling; however we all feel something different/Supernatural at that point when we surrender our lives and commit it to Jesus as the Lord and Savior of our lives.

I gave my life to Christ back in the year 2000, while gathering with other children in Compassion project in Luweero district, an alter call was made and I went forth to take this opportunity of accepting a man who would take over my life until eternity. To be honest I didn’t feel anything at that time, I just felt that I should attend to the call and perhaps it was a bandwagon effect because other kids were going forth and besides that, it was almost mandatory for all children under this organization to receive Christ and be witness for him in the world.

As I grew up, I was surrounded by churches in every corner, the caregiver I grew up with was a protestant priest (Mubulizi) and we often visited Church which boosted my love for fellowshipping, singing hymns and much more; Sunday school was so fun to attend as well. I understood the decision I had taken many years later in life when I was an adult at the University, it’s then that the holy spirit began to deal with me, convicting me of my sin and I could feel the weight of it on my shoulder. I decided to serve the Lord while at the University in my first year at a church called University Community Fellowship. I joined as an Usher and I loved doing it, arranging the church on Saturday and ensuring that everything was in order. Later I was appointed to lead this department and this role had a tremendous effect on my salvation Journey. During that time, the spirit gave me an idea of initiating cell groups for university students attached to the church I was attending, I shared this with the Youth Pastor and he bought it, so cell groups began in over five hostels in Kikoni under my leadership and this role as well continued to check me and to perfect me.

In the month of September 2015, the Holy Spirit whispered to me regarding fasting, I had not had any serious fasting in my life, but this time he was calling me to a life changing event. The following year 2016, I shared this idea with three of my close friends, Richard, Rachael and Juliet, so four of us took this on for the next 60 days and every Sunday we could meet to share the word of God and as well reflect on how the week was. This period was indeed the beginning of my true salvation and it’s when my eyes began opening up to the spiritual world. I encountered many dreams of victory, some were confusing and scaring. While fasting, we lost some good pounds of weight, but also this act of fellowship did bond us as friends for life to this day. The Lord as well dealt with each one of us differently and it’s on record that we were all spiritually impacted.

The last dream I had in the final week of our prayer and fasting would entirely change me and usher me into ministry; and serving the Lord Jesus Christ for my entire life.